2020 Season Updates


The Community of Christ Church has a water issue and we will be unable to practice there on 1/21/20 - 1/24/20.

Updated Practice Schedules:
Thursday, 1/23/20 - 13-Eva, 13-Lorraine, and 12-Hannah will practice from 6:30 - 9 at the Boys and Girls Club in Council Bluffs.

Friday, 1/24/20 - All 11s teams, 12-Smack, and 12-Brooklyn will practice from 6:30 - 9 at the Boys and Girls Club in Council Bluffs.

Iowa Regionals Hotel Information

Please click on the tab to the left for more information about booking rooms for regionals!

Team Pictures Scheduled

Team and individual pictures will be completed at the beginning of practices on the following nights:

Monday, 2/10/20
15s-18s at the Iowa West Fieldhouse

Tuesday, 2/11/20
12s at the Church

Wednesday, 2/12/20
14s at the Church

Thursday, 2/13/20
13-Lorraine, 13-Eva at the Church

Friday, 2/21/20**
13-Smack, 13-AnneMarie, 13-Bonnie at the Church; 11s at the Boys and Girls Club
We will determine the schedule for this Friday with Amy closer to picture day.

DocumentPicture Order Form

Uniform Update

Most uniform pieces have been delivered. We do have a few items that have not yet been received, but we will deliver as soon as available.

Raffle Ticket Winners!

$500 - Julie McPhillips
$300 - Keri Novak
$200 - Jen Maher

Scorekeeping and Reffing Clinics

ALL Players are required to complete both the scorekeeping and reffing modules this season. Everyone will complete both clinics, regardless if you completed them last year.

All 18s players will also be required to complete Safesport training.

Please click on the Mandatory Scorekeeping and Referee Clinics tab on the left hand menu.

2020 Merchandise Available

We have two options available to Attack players, parents, and fans for the upcoming season.

Smack Sportswear, our uniform partner, has an online store open to be able to order.

Catch Fire Designs by Jamie McCarty also has an order form available.

Please click on the MERCHANDISE tab on the left hand menu for more information.

January 2020 Practice Schedule

Updated: 1/6/2020

Iowa Regionals Champions!

17-Smack: 2019 Iowa Regionals Champs!
17-Smack: 2019 Iowa Regionals Champs!

18-Smack: 2019 Regionals Champs!
18-Smack: 2019 Regionals Champs!

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.

You are missed Jenyi!

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